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A hub and a place to stay
Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark


Company Name
Ama Inc.
1375-1 Fukui, Ama Town, Oki-gun, Shimane, Japan 684-0404
Phone Number
60,000,000 Japanese Yen
3 August 1992
Atsushi Aoyama
Main Business
Entô - A GEO hub and place to stay
Amanbo Underwater Observatory Boat
Inside Hishiura Port Ferry Terminal’s “Kinnyamonya Center”
Shop Name: Shima Ja Joshiki
Restaurant: Central-tei
August 1992 - Company is established
May 1993 - Amanbo Underwater Observatory Boat begins operations / Departure and arrival at Toyoda Port (Akiya coast sightseeing)
July 1994 - ‘Marine Port Hotel AMA’ opens for business
April 2007 - Amanbo Underwater Observatory Boat changes departure and arrival to Hishiura Port (Saburoiwa sightseeing)
December 2019 - Tearing down of Marine Port Hotel AMA Annex (Former local inn Ryokusuien)
April 2020 - ‘Shima Ja Joshiki’ shop and ‘Central-tei’ restaurant opens for business
May 2021 - ‘Marine Port Hotel AMA’ reopens with completion of new GEO facility building (NEST)
1 July 2021 - “Entô - A GEO hub and place to stay” opens for business