Privacy Policy

At Entô, we recognize the importance of your personal information, protect it appropriately, and promote the following efforts to protect your personal information responsibly in order to provide better products and services.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Entô will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations related to personal information and privacy protection.

​​Company structure

Entô has established a management system to handle and store personal information that includes formulating internal company rules and necessary rules for each business, establishing an organization by appointing an administrator, etc., and building a system to comply with the protection of personal information.

Acquisition of personal information

When Entô collects personal information from guests, we obtain it only to the extent necessary to achieve clearly stated and guest consented purposes of use. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Use of personal information

When Entô uses your personal information, we will use it only within the scope of the purpose of use, and will not use it beyond the scope of that purpose.

Purpose of use of personal information

Entô will use the personal information provided by the guest for the following purposes in order to fulfill the contract with the guest. In addition, in order for the guest to make a contract, it is necessary to provide their personal information.

  1. Sale of products and provision of general/membership services and other related correspondence

  2. To provide information regarding products, services, events, etc. from Ama Inc.

  3. Correspondence regarding various inquiries, requests for materials, etc.

  4. Collection of feedback and requests for improving products and services

  5. Creation of basic data for customer trend analysis, market research and other analysis necessary for management, and creation of statistical data that does not identify any specific individual

  6. Fulfillment of Entô's obligations, exercise of rights, and related hotel management correspondence

Shared use of personal information

Entô will jointly share and use personal information as follows within the scope of the purpose of use in order to provide higher value-added services. If there is a separate provision regarding the handling of personal information, it will follow the separate provision.

  1. Personal data used jointly

    • Name, email address, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, work place, work address, work affiliation, job title, work phone number

  2. Range of people shared with

    • Tourism organizations, administrative organizations, Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture, Ama Town Tourism Association, Shima Factory Co., Ltd., Oki Islands Tourism Association, Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark Promotion Council

  3. Purpose of use

    • Providing accommodation, banquets, restaurant services, etc.

    • Providing accommodation booking service

    • Providing internet booking service

    • Direct mail or e-mail delivery of the latest information, promotion information, product/service information, etc. of the company with shared usage

    • Market research including marketing analysis, product development

    • Material for selecting ideal content to be shared with guests

Ensuring accuracy

Entô will take the appropriate steps to keep your personal information accurate and up-to-date.'

Safety management measures

Entô strictly manages your personal information and takes preventive measures against leakage, loss, damage, falsification, unauthorized access, and other necessary measures to ensure safety in management.

Supervision of outsourced parties

When Entô uses your personal information, we may outsource your personal information to a third party within the scope of the purpose of use. In this case, we will oblige the contractor to strictly manage personal information and supervise it in accordance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”.

Third-party restriction provision

Entô will not provide or disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent, except if required by law.

Disclosure / correction / suspension of use of personal information, etc.

If you wish to disclose, amend, or suspend the use of your personal information entrusted to Entô, we will promptly respond in accordance with the "Disclosure Request Procedure" established by the company.