“Play on the island” 1day family tour

The plan is designed for families with children who want to enjoy natural play without using special equipment such as sea kayaks. The whole family can catch fish and shellfish, make a meal out of it, and play together until they feel sleepy. This will give your children summer memories and experiences. Additionally, we provide ocean skills, safety knowledge, and fun memories for moms and dads to share with the family.

This is a full-day private tour for up to 6 people, available from July to September. The tour price includes various rental fees, lunch ingredients, feed, and insurance. However, shellfish that are subject to fishing rights, such as turban shells, cannot be harvested, so they will be purchased at the local market (the price is included in the trial fee).

Please note that the sea kayaking experience is limited to repeat visitors, as it depends on the outdoor experience of the child and their parents. Also, regardless of age, if one person participates, the fee will be 50,000 yen.

Schedule スケジュール

9:00 am

Departure from Entô

A tour guide will pick you up.

9:10 am

Quay fishing & shopping for ingredients

We will go fishing on the beautiful Gulf of Entô. You can catch the fish yourself which will be used for lunch.

11:30 am

Cooking lunch with family

We will also procure additional ingredients from local shops. The whole family will prepare lunch together with the fish caught.

15:00 pm

Sea Activities

We will enjoy playing with the whole family in the emerald green sea. You can also go fishing while snorkeling.

18:30 pm

To Entô

We will take you to Entô as per the dinner schedule.

20:30 pm

Starry Sky Observation

If you want to enjoy more even after having fun, you can go with the guide for starry sky observation.