Spring in Oki

[Spring model course] Take a bicycle ride around the island and embrace the essence of spring. Stop at a scenic spot where you can experience the island's life and take a moment to enjoy it. Enjoy a leisurely outdoor experience on the top of a mountain, taking in the stunning view. Alternatively, spend a peaceful time at a spot that represents Ama.

Schedule スケジュール

9:30 am

From Entô Rent a bicycle at the tourist office

About 3 minutes walk from Entô, go to the tourist information center on the 1st floor of Hishiura Port Ferry Terminal to rent a bicycle.
*Advance reservations are recommended.

10:15 am

Participate in ”Shima No Sanpomichi" tour

At Oki Shrine, take a walk around the Nakazato area while admiring the cherry blossoms with an island stroll guide.
You can leisurely walk around the island while learning about the everyday life of the islanders.

*For details on ”Shima No Sanpomichi", please see the Activity section.

11:40 am

Get bread at Bakery Tsunakake.

Get freshly baked bread at Tsunakake, the only bakery on the island.
Even if you get lunch and sweets at a nearby store.

12:00 pm

Picnic at Mt. Konkoji.

Have a picnic while viewing the islands from a hill at an altitude of 164m. On a clear, sunny day, you can see the small islands floating in the sea.
Using the cafe set I rented from Entô, I ground some coffee beans, boiled some water, and had a relaxing break.

13:00 pm

Stroll along the Akeya coast. Let's see the Heart Rock

The Akeya coast, which was the last place in Ama to experience an eruption, is a place of high topographical value and a place where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.
The eastern coast is a familiar beach for islanders in the summer.
The rock floating in the clear blue sea is also called "Heart Rock" because of the heart-shaped hole that appears when you approach it.

13:30 pm

Greeting the cows at Shiokaze Farm

If you follow the route that passes through the area where Oki cattle are grazed, you may even get to see them up close.
Hello to the cows who graze freely with the ocean in the background.

14:00 pm

Visit Uzuka-no-Mikoto Shrine

It is ranked as the highest-ranking in the Engishiki, the oldest existing shrine list, and is one of the six shrines in Shimane Prefecture, along with Izumo Taisha.
The approach path is surrounded by rice fields, and you can enjoy the beauty of the rice fields from spring to summer.

14:30 pm

To Hishiura