Summer in Oki

[Summer model course] Oki Island offers a plethora of exciting activities such as sea kayaking, pleasure boating, snorkeling, and diving. The region boasts unique topography, which provides a natural beauty above and below the sea. You can witness a variety of living creatures in their natural habitats while enjoying the stunning scenery. After a long day of adventure, relax and unwind in your room or bath with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Schedule スケジュール

8:20 am

Take the ferry to Nishinoshima

Leave a little early in the morning to enjoy the summer sea to the fullest.
The distance between Ama Town and Nishinoshima Town is approximately 15 minutes by ferry. While traveling on the ferry, you can enjoy the scenery while feeling the wind from the stern deck and looking at the scenery between the islands and the ripples.

9:00 am

Club Noah Oki sea kayaking experience

You can approach or move away from the dynamic topography of Oki, such as caves, cliffs, and strangely shaped rocks, while freely riding a sea kayak.
While rowing across the wide ocean, you can enjoy the various expressions of the island, such as passing between narrow rocks and diving into low caves illuminated by lights.
An instructor will accompany you, so it's safe for first-timers. If you have experience, you are free to try wherever you want.


n addition to eating at restaurants on the island, we also recommend buying a boxed lunch and having lunch on the beach.

12:35 pm

Take the ferry to Ama Town

playing in the sea

After returning to Entô, play in the sea at Rainbow Beach and Akiya Beach! Float in the sea while swimming in the sea.
When you look into the sea, you can see fish at your feet and turban shells among the rocks.
Because it is an inner bay, the calm water surface makes it easy for small children to play, and the sea does not smell like a rock, making you want to float forever.

16:00 pm

Hishiura Port Return

When you get tired of playing, go to a hot spring. Time passes by in the blink of an eye as you soak in the water and relax from the exhaustion of a day of play, watching the sky change every moment at dusk.
It might be the best luxury to end your beach trip a little early and take a short nap in your room.