Summer private 1 day tour

Our tour guide is dedicated to creating a customized schedule that aligns with your preferences. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the sea town all day long. Whatever you desire, we will try our best to fulfill it. Until the start of the tour and the end time, we will suggest the ideal schedule that suits your needs.

This is a chartered tour designed for up to six people. The tour is available from July to September and costs 40,000 yen per adult and 20,000 yen per high school student or younger. The tour price includes various rental charges, ingredients for lunch, food feed, and insurance premiums. Please contact us separately if you want to participate only for elementary school students and younger or if you do not participate in the tour but want to be attached.


Schedule スケジュール

10:00 am

Departure from Entô.

You will be picked up by your tour guide.

10:20 am

Shish wall fishing.

You will go fishing on the Gulf of Entô. If you catch any fish, you can enjoy it for lunch.

12:00 pm

Move to next activity by car.

You will travel by car with your guide. Along the way, you will stop at a local store to buy food and drinks.

12:30 pm

Outdoor cooking with your catch.

You will cook and eat the fish you caught earlier. It will be exceptional because it is an ingredient that you got from sweating.

14:00 pm

Sea kayaking.

In the morning, you will go to the sea with your guide. The scenery seen from the kayaks, almost at the same height as the water surface, will be a different world.

16:00 pm


You will snorkel in the emerald green sea. It's amazing how the scenery looks different underwater than on the surface.

17:30 pm

Return to Entô.

You will be taken to Entô according to dinner time.

20:30 pm


If you have energy left, why not go see the perfect starry sky with your guide?