underwater observation boat “Amanbow”

Join the observation ship "Amanbow" at Hishiura Port, the gateway to the beautiful sea town. While you listen to the guide, enjoy the stunning views from the sea to the horizon. Amanbow stops near Saburoiwa, where three rocks meet, and if you're lucky, you can see cows on the coastline. When the ship's floor opens, it's time to see the underwater world. The fast-paced sea has many fish, including large stone breams and Sazae clinging to rocks, which you can see up close. You'll experience why Sazae is a special product.

The tour lasts around 50 minutes and runs from April to October 31st.
The regular sightseeing prices are:
- Adults: 2,500 yen
- Students: 2,000 yen
- Children (elementary school students): 1,200 yen.

Schedule スケジュール

10:00 am

Meeting at the Ama tourism Association

At 10:10, your guide will lead you to Amanbow.

10:20 am


As you sail, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Nishinoshima coastline on the right-hand side. You will see small and large islands, and if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of flying fish or jellyfish. As you pass by Kazura and Kitabu Bridge, your guide will point out Saburoiwa, which is located in the northern part of the island. They will also talk about the characteristics of the marine terrain and the islands.

Arrival at Saburoiwa:

Take in the unique features of each of the three rocks. After admiring the view from the sea, the floor will open to reveal the seabed observation room. Descend the stairs to get a closer look at the underwater world. You'll see various fish species, such as black porgy and neon damselfish, swimming around the ship, attracted by the large seaweed. From the shallow areas with rugged rocks to the deeper parts, you'll be able to enjoy the view of the natural aquarium outside the window around Saburoiwa.

Return to Hishiura Port:

As you cruise back, enjoy the wind and the glittering water. Spend your time as you please.

11:10 am

Arrival at Hishiura Port:

After admiring the sea and underwater world, take a moment to appreciate the terrain created by the volcano's eruption. It will give you a sense of the earth's power at this location.