An E-bike is a type of bicycle with an electric assist attached to a sports bike. The electric assist makes it easier to ride long distances and climb slopes with ease. It's easy to operate and even those who are not used to exercising can drive it comfortably. This makes it an ideal mode of transportation to explore the Oki Islands, which are known for their rich natural and varied terrain, as well as various historical and cultural spots. The E-bike allows you to feel the natural wind and weather on your skin and is highly recommended for exploring the Oki Islands' mountains and nearby sea with varying heights.

Schedule スケジュール

① Plan freely

For those who want to explore the islands freely, renting an E-Bike from the tourist association is a great option. The association is the gateway to each island, and you can ride out to the island spot. The rental fee is 2,600 yen for 3 hours, with an additional 800 yen for each additional hour and 7,700 yen for an overnight rental. The lending fee includes bicycle insurance premiums. It takes about 25 minutes to travel from Hishiura Port (Ama town) to Akeya coast, and around 3 hours to visit the northern part of Ama town while relaxing.
別府港(西ノ島) → 摩天崖:45分
来居港(知夫里島) → 赤壁:45分

② Pro -guide plan

・ Start with a lecture on how to ride e-bike, check the safety firmly, then go around the island with a guide. The helmet is equipped with an income, so you can enjoy explanation of guides and conversations with your friends while driving. With lunch and snacks, 6 hours full of highlights.
Start around 10:00
5 minutes driving: Meiya coast
5 minutes driving: sea breeze farm
10 minutes driving: Uka Ryei Shrine / Saburoiwa
10 minutes driving: Kitunoba Ohashi
15 minutes driving: Oki Shrine
25 minutes driving: Shimae Caldera
15 minutes driving: Arrived at Hishura Port
(There are also courses around Matsushima, the water of Tenkawa, rock oysters, and Matsushima).