Autumn in Oki

[Autumn model course] Oki Island is home to numerous shrines, each with its own unique story and character that strongly reflect the island's rich history and culture. During autumn, visitors can enjoy spending a long and comfortable day exploring some of the island's most distinctive spots. After a day of sightseeing, it's fun to unwind and reflect on your trip at a cozy café located at the port.

Schedule スケジュール

9:00 am

Let's take the morning ferry to Nishinoshima

9:15 am

10 minutes by taxi. Arrived at Yakihi Shrine.

9:30 am

Yakihi Shrine

First of all, we will go up a slightly steep mountain path in the mood of trekking.
The shrine building was built during the Edo period, with parts assembled in Osaka and transported on oxen and horses.
Why is Yakihi Shrine, the god of maritime safety, on the top of a mountain? There is a reason unique to the topography, and it is an important spot that reminds us of the time when the Oki Islands flourished due to the wind-watching boats that traveled on the Kitamae Passage.

11:30 am

Yurahime Shrine

Ikayose Beach and Yurahime Shrine are located at the end of a deep inner bay. There is a rare shrine with a squid motif on the beach.

Have lunch near the port and enjoy the island's specialties.

13:00 pm

Quay fishing

In the afternoon, we returned to Ama and tried fishing at Hishiura Port. When you look into the sea from the embankment, you may even see schools of fish right there.
You can fish anywhere on the island, whether it's from the port, in front of the Entô, or from the embankment.
You can also drop a fishing line and just enjoy the scenery in front of you.
Sometimes an old man on the island will teach you some tips.
You can also rent a car or bike and explore other fishing spots.

15:00 pm

Cafe time

After playing, it's cafe time.
Relax with parfait and cake snacks at Central-tei on the 2nd floor of Hishiura Port's terminal, and take time to reflect on your trip.
You can also dive into a space of encounters and healing at "Shima no Hoken Shitsu", which is a 2-minute walk from the port. Warm up your body with coffee or herbal tea while talking with the brewery owner, or detox and heal the fatigue of your trip with a footbath using clay of your choice.

We hold irregular bonfire events at Entô.
In addition to enjoying drinks while watching the bonfire, you can also have a conversation with other participants, take your time and watch the bonfire, and have a relaxing time enjoying the Autumn Ama season.
On some days, you can enjoy roasted sweet potatoes over a bonfire.